The final plot on a new housing development at Cherry Willingham has been completed providing more homes for the rising population in Lincolnshire.

The development of 110 new homes was officially finished on Friday 15 August and is the latest site to be completed in the area by Taylor Lindsey Homes.

They were built by the successful working relationship between Taylor Lindsey Homes and West Lindsey District Council’s Building Control Service to provide much needed housing in the district.

Trevor Durant, Building Control Manager at West Lindsey District Council said “As one of the premier house builders in our area, we are pleased to be working with Taylor Lindsey Homes in delivering this successful development and look to continuing working together on the Minster Fields development and the future Roman Gate development. The supply of quality housing is vital in securing a stable economic future for the local area.”

Sonya Turner of Taylor Lindsey Homes said “We have been providing homes for the people of Lincolnshire for over 60 years and we have established a reputation as quality builders and we are pleased to be working with West Lindsey District Council Building Control to deliver this development and are looking forward to carrying on future projects together.”

If you have any questions about new developments being built or want to improve your own home and want to speak to Building Control for free pre-application advice you can contact us on 01427 676672 or look online at www.west-lindsey.gov.uk/buildingcontrol